A frontier focus

CapitalNarratives provides targeted investor relations services to companies operating in frontier markets, with a special focus on Africa. Africa is attracting a growing interest from the international financial community, representing a unique opportunity for organisations in these markets. Nevertheless, a sophisticated understanding of these investment opportunities and an ability for investors and analysts to fairly value frontier securities is hampered by information that is challenging to obtain and interpret.

We understand the language and culture of institutional investors

Investor relations is a strategic management responsibility that integrates finance, real world understanding of capital markets and marketing that enables effective dialogue between a company, the financial community and other stakeholders. Effective and regular communication between your company and the financial community ultimately contributes to delivering a fairer valuation for your company's securities. 

With many years of experience in African and frontier markets, together with our partners, we are able to effectively and efficiently guide your company in its interaction with the international financial community, showcasing your company as a unique investment opportunity. For more information on our services, click here.  

Core Belief and Mission 

Our core belief

A well-educated and supportive shareholder base is a key corporate asset. Effective investor relations builds institutional confidence in your company, increases its base of long-term and geographically diversified institutional investors and reduces its overall cost of capital.

Investor Relations Objectives

We know your capital markets goals

  • Create an awareness and understanding of your company amongst the investment community.
  • Prepare your company for gaining optimised access to capital markets.
  • Achieve a fair valuation for your shares.
  • Boost liquidity in your stock to a level that is appropriate given your company's public float.
  • Build confidence in your company's ability to create measurable value.
  • Convey management's long-term strategic vision to create a credible proposition for delivering shareholder value in the future.
  • Create a body of investor and analyst support. 
  • Fulfil responsibilities to shareholders.