Empowering frontier market companies to effectively engage members of the international financial community

CapitalNarratives is a targeted investor relations service, focused on facilitating the engagement of African companies with international investors, research analysts and the broader financial community, in a value enhancing approach.

About CapitalNarratives

Find out about our Company, mission, our methods, and how we can help you develop your company's presence with the international financial community.

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Investor Relations Services

CapitalNarratives aims to provide your company with a tailored service that efficiently and effectively showcases your company as a unique and attractive investment proposition among the international financial community.

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Africa's Renaissance is Here

We came across this video prepared by the Turgut Özal University, showcasing both Africa's natural beauty, and the buzz of urban life and business activity. Enjoy it!

If you are not appearing, you’re disappearing
— Art Blakey, American jazz artist